Ibai and Girard Pique reveal KOI esports org ahead of League of Legends debut

koi ibai piqueKOI

Twitch star Ibai and football legend Girard Pique unveiled their new FINETWORK KOI esports organization complete with branding and jerseys ahead of its League of Legends debut.

The two new org owners held a massive event in Barcelona, Spain on December 15 in front of 12,000 attendees to reveal their new Superliga LoL team as well as their army of content creators.

The Purple-and-Black scheme will make up everything KOI with its primary sponsors FI Network, Disney+, and Cupra.

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Throughout the reveal, Ibai and Pique weren’t shy of their desire to directly compete with Karmine Corp, the French LFL team that’s famous for its intense fandom.

Ibai reveals KOI

A showman himself, Ibai invited thousands of people to KOI’s reveal. Sitting opposite of co-owner, Pique, the pair brought the brand to life with reveal after the next of what they envision for KOI.

KOI League of Legends reveal

The event hit its apex with the reveal of KOI’s inaugural League of Legends team that brings a mix of veteran leadership at the helm and up-and-coming talent on the Rift.

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KOI LoL starting roster:

  • Top – Enzo ‘SLT‘ Gonzalez
  • Jungle – Luis ‘Koldo‘ Pérez
  • Mid – Jørgen ‘Hatrixx‘ Elgåen
  • ADC – Rafa ‘Rafitta‘ Ayllon
  • Support – Daniel ‘seaz‘ Binderhofer

The team will be led by head coach Jesús ‘Falco’ Pérez, assistant coach Tiago ‘Aziado’ Rodrigues, and general manager David ‘Saba’ Sabater.

Karmine vs KOI Showmatch

A show match between KOI and Karmine Corp will kicked off the new org’s life in League of Legends. A special best-of-three series put the team through its first test ahead of the 2022 Superliga season.

The match ended in spectacular fashion with both fanbases roaring throughout the stadium.

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[Showmatch begins at 2:14:37]

KOI content creators

KOI has a stacked team of Spanish-language content creators that will produce the bulk of its content.

Koi streamers:

  • Knekro
  • Karchez
  • Carola
  • Amph
  • Juan Guarnizo
  • Suzyrox
  • Rioboo
  • Ander
  • Elisawabes
  • Nia
  • Pandarina
  • Mayichi

This is just the beginning for Ibai’s new org. The streamer wants to create a suite of content for both esports and streamers that’s already gotten off to a hot start.

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