Ibai freaks out over possible Twitch ban for watching viral TikTok

Ibai scared of Twitch banTwitch/Ibai

Popular Twitch streamer Ibai Llanos Garatea nearly had a panic attack after watching a shocking viral TikTok video.

Ibai is one of Twitch’s most popular Spanish streamers, but his career on the platform hasn’t been without some controversy.

The Spanish streaming icon has been banned four times already for numerous on-stream slip-ups, with his latest being in September for accidentally showing nudity.

As such, the entertainer is quite used to being suspended and absolutely freaked out when watching a TikTok video that upon first glance seemed to show a close-up of a male organ.

Ibai loses it over Twitch ban scare

During his December 6 broadcast, Ibai watched a TikTok by user Nick Smithyman. The video showed a man reading text that asked “what’s wrong with your eyes” before flashing to what could easily be mistaken for male nudity.

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Ibai was visibly shaken by this, gasping and holding his hand over his mouth, clearly upset that he may have shown something against Twitch’s rules.

His chat felt the ban hammer coming too, spamming “no” and “F” in the belief that he had once again broken the platform’s Terms of Service.

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However, as the video continued, it’s revealed that the “nudity” was actually just someone’s arm holding hands so there was nothing to worry about.

Still, given his previous Twitch bans, it’s easy to see why Ibai freaked out so much. Luckily for him, however, he was just baited and his account remains perfectly fine.

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