Hyphonix says Twitch banned him again despite not streaming for two months

Michael Gwilliam
hyphonix banned on twitch againInstagram/official_hyphonix

YouTube streamer Hyphonix is blasting Twitch for allegedly banning his account on the platform, despite not even streaming for two months straight.

Hyphonix used to be a very popular Twitch streamer, but an assortment of bans resulted in him leaving the platform to YouTube where he grew a large subscriber base.

After being banned from 2019 to 2021, the streamer was finally unbanned from the site and he hasn’t been in trouble since.

On January 25, the Florida-based streamer revealed that his Twitch channel had once again been banned and there was no indication as to why.

Hyphonix randomly banned on Twitch?

In a post on Twitter, Hyphonix took aim at Twitch stating: “I streamed on Twitch two times since my unbanning, have not streamed in 2 months there, got banned today with no email at all?”

The fact that he received no email from Twitch is certainly weird, as most times the Amazon-owned site will in fact send streamers informing them about their ban, albeit with limited info as to why.

After tagging Twitch support asking for assistance, it seems like his account had been restored as Dexerto was able to access it.

Hyphonix banned on twitch

When Twitch accounts are banned or suspended, the channels cannot be displayed, so it seems like the site may have banned Hyphonix in error or he made a mistake.

In any case, this was certainly a bizarre situation and yet another ban tally for the infamous Twitch streamer who has since switched platforms.

2022 has been a weird year for Twitch so far. Earlier, a streamer was indefinitely banned for saying they wanted to “destroy heterosexuals” at Mario Kart and the site later reversed the decision. Additionally, another streamer was hit with a ban over emotes – something rarely ever seen on the platform.

We’ll have to see what happens as the year rolls on, but so far, it seems like no one is safe from Twitch bans, even those who don’t broadcast for two months straight.