Hype House member Larray helps Drew Barrymore learn TikTok slang

larray with drew barrymoreTwitter: Larrayxo / YouTube: The Drew Barrymore Show

Comedic YouTuber Larri ‘Larray’ Merritt recently appeared on The Drew Barrymore show to showcase his new loaded mac and cheese. In the process, he ended up helping the TV star learn TikTok slang.

Larray’s love for loaded mac and cheese made adding ‘restaurant owner’ to his resume a no-brainer. With seven different styles of comfort food in his delivery-only restaurant, some may compare his business to MrBeast’s ‘Beast Burger.’

When Drew Barrymore found out about Merritt’s latest business venture, she invited him onto the show to showcase what she called her ‘all-time favorite food.’

After introducing her friend and taste tester, Kareem, to the audience, they tried a bite of Larray’s recipe. Seconds later, Kareem and Larri ended up teaching Drew a new word.

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larrays loaded macTwitter: LarraysMac
Larray’s loaded mac and cheese has a selection of flavor profiles to choose from.

Drew Barrymore learns TikTok slang

Sitting in the audience and prepped with a plate of the samples Larray brought to the show, Kareem took his first bite of buffalo chicken mac and cheese. “Oh wow,” Kareem said. “This is absolutely bussin.”

Larray turned to the show host and asked her: “Do you know what bussin means?”

“Busted? Oh, well, I know what it used to mean! You know… not good looking,” Barrymore answered.

After realizing what they actually said, Drew then turned to the food enthusiast and asked what bussin actually meant. Kareem answered: “Bussin is TikTok slang for when something is the best thing available.”

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Later in the show, Barrymore actually had the chance to teach them ‘cheugy,’ a slang term from when she was younger that implied something was “not cool.”

The duo went on to showcase more flavors offered by the influencer’s restaurant, with nothing but praise given by both taste testers. You can head over to Larray’s website to see if the mac and cheese is on a menu near you, or even see about ordering it in an existing restaurant.