HungryBox gets the last laugh after raw crab was thrown at him during Smash tournament

LiquidHbox Twitter / Monstercat

Juan ‘HungryBox’ DeBiedma embraced the meme after he had a crab thrown at him by digging in and eating one during his Twitch stream, all while listening to Crab Rave.

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Following Pound 2019, a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament, HungryBox was crowned the victor but it looks like fans didn’t recognize him as their victor.

HungryBox was pelted by a dead crab of all things, which caught him completely off guard and let to a heated altercation with the crowd as he tried to figure out who threw it.

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HungryBox made light of the situation on his stream

While he had every right to be mad, especially considering he was celebrating a victory at a tournament, and he was rewarded by having a crustacean launched at him.

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He might have been heated as it was all happening but he has now simmered down and decided to make a joke of the situation.

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HungryBox decided to bust out a crab on stream and eat it in front of the camera, to prove to everyone that he won’t let this crab incident bother him going further.

He even threw on Crab Rave, everyone’s favorite meme song to fully embrace the meme. It’s good to see the Smash pro be a good sport about all of this and not let it affect his career moving forward.

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When he cracks open the shell of the crab, you can even see his chat spamming his new Crab emote.

He apologized for losing his cool at the tournament

Shortly after everything went down and the clip of him being angry went viral, HungryBox apologized for his actions on Twitter.

“Sorry for losing my temper,” he wrote. “Someone threw a fucking raw crab at me. After a 5 set losers run. Barely missed my head.”

It’s unclear whether or not the crab thrown at him was the same one that was eaten.