Howie Mandell shocked after discovering “wild” Trisha Paytas is having a baby

Howie Mandela Trisha paytasHowie Mandell/Trisha Paytas

Howie Mandell had Ethan Klein on his podcast, Howie Mandell Does Stuff, and was completely stunned to learn that Ethan’s ex-co-host Trisha Paytas is pregnant. 

H3H3’s Ethan Klein made a guest appearance on game show host Howie Mandell’s podcast where the pair chopped it up about his recent YouTube ban and how he handles his private life.

Mandell also asked about the status of his relationship with former Frenemies co-host Trisha Paytas, as Ethan brought the podcast back for a one-off episode sans Paytas.

Ethan Klein hits back at Triller CEO harassment accusationsYouTube: H3 Podcast
Ethan Klein is the host of the H3 podcast.

Howie Mandell stunned “wild” Trisha Paytas is pregnant

The 36-year-old YouTuber joined the June 21 episode of Mandell’s show where the pair discussed Paytas and her pregnancy with Klein’s brother-in-law.

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Howie was completely stunned to find out that Paytas was expecting a child and said “she’s going to be a mother?!” He then described her as being “wild,” to which Howie’s daughter and co-host Jackie implored him to not say anything negative about her.

Ethan laughed and said that Howie calling her wild was a “controversial take,” a stance Howie typically tends to shy away from, although Klein completely agreed with the description of her.

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Ethan went on to say that although he doesn’t hate Trisha, his parents “f**king hate” her, and that they no longer have a friendship since their massively popular podcast ended.

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As stunned as many users on social media were to find that Trisha is expecting a child, not many were live on the air when they find out like Howie was.