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How to win a spot on Esfand, Mizkif and Austin’s “Roommate Royale” show

Published: 4/Aug/2020 21:14 Updated: 4/Aug/2020 21:15

by Virginia Glaze


Ever wanted to meet your favorite streamer? What about being on a reality show with them? Turns out, this wild idea has become an actual possibility, as three of Twitch’s most popular broadcasters are giving fans the chance to compete for their friendship — sort of.

While everyone has wanted to interact with their favorite streamers in some way, Twitch stars Esfand, Mizkif and AustinShow are taking things to the next level with a legitimate reality show that involves their fans and fellow creators.


That’s right; these three broadcasters are giving fans the chance to live in close quarters with them for an entire week in a brand-new reality series they’ve cleverly dubbed the “Roommate Royale.”

What is the Roommate Royale?

The premise of their show is simple; ten fans will compete for the chance to move in with Esfand for an entire week, where their ability to “react, clean and respect others” will be tested.

That’s not all; winners will also be tasked with “creating epic content” with Esfand to determine their broadcasting skills (so you won’t always be cleaning up his dirty socks off the floor).


How to win a spot in the Roommate Royale

The rules for this contest are simple: Reply to AustinShow’s Tweet (embedded above) with a short video explaining “why you would make a good roommate, content collaborator and possibly even a true friend.”

Of course, there are some prerequisites, such as being “kinda funny, hygienic and not a total weirdo.”

Esfand and Mizkif eat burgers at the gym.
Instagram: esfandtv
Interested in being Esfand’s roommate? Get ready for workouts – and good eats!

AustinShow also made it clear that the Roommate Royale is NOT a dating show, so don’t get your hopes up if you do end up snagging a qualifying spot!

While Twitch has boasted its own versions of ‘The Bachelor’ and other reality shows before, as hosted by its own creators, this marks the first time that viewers are able to actually live with streamers as part of a competition series — although how this will play out has yet to be seen.


Hopefully, this marks the beginning of something both hilarious and fun for everyone involved. Interested in shooting your shot? Don’t wait — head over to AustinShow’s Tweet to reply with your video as to why you’d make a good roommate for one of Twitch’s top stars!