How to watch Twitch Rivals QTCinderella’s Sweet Showdown: Stream, schedule, more

QTCinderella baking with Twitch Rivals logoTwitch/ YouTube: QTCinderella

Streamer QTCinderella is bringing a whole host of famous creators together for Twitch Rivals’ first IRL baking competition- Twitch Rivals: QTCinderella’s Sweet Showdown ft. Kitchen League. 

Various content creators have jumped away from the desk and into the kitchen with their cooking or baking streams. While a rare few have ended in disaster, cooking streams have grown increasingly popular in recent times.

One Twitch streamer famous for her culinary skills is QTCinderella, who has previously wowed viewers with her sweet creations.

Now, she’ll be donning the chef’s hat once again to host Twitch Rivals’ upcoming cooking competition ‘QTCinderella’s Sweet Showdown,’ and here’s how you can catch it.

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QTCinderella’s Sweet Showdown: How to watch

QTCinderella’s Sweet Showdown will be available to watch on Twitch Rivals’ official Twitch channel on May 19 at 2 pm PT/5 pm ET/10 pm BST.

The news comes after QT sadly had to cancel her eagerly-awaited girls trip with her fellow female streamers after one member of the group came down sick on the first day.

However, this upcoming Twitch Rivals event will see her bringing together a whole host of streamers hoping to show off their baking abilities.

QTCinderella’s Sweet Showdown: Participants

The streamers who will be taking part in QTCinderella’s Sweet Showdown were announced in a Twitter post from Twitch Rivals on May 14. The budding bakers who have been named are: HasanAbi, Myth, Cyr, and richwcampbell.

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Hasan and Myth will be teaming up together to battle it out for culinary glory against Cyr and Rich who will also be paired up together.

The last Twitch Rivals event may have gone up in smoke after a dramatic Rust Team Battle. Hopefully the same won’t be said for this upcoming cake-fuelled event.