How to watch TimTheTatman’s first YouTube stream with Dr Disrespect & CouRage

TimTheTatman and Dr Disrespect and CouRageYouTube

Streaming superstar TimTheTatman is making the big jump to YouTube Gaming, and his first stream will include appearances from Dr Disrespect, CouRage, and more. Here’s how to watch it.

TimTheTatman was one of Twitch’s biggest names, having amassed over 7 million followers, but he announced on September 1, 2021, that he’s joining the likes of CouRage and DrLupo by making the switch to YouTube Gaming.

“I know it’s going to be a change and there are people that don’t like change,” explained the leader of the TatmanArmy in an interview about his move with Business Insider. “[But] sometimes change ends up being a better thing.”

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With his first stream on YouTube Gaming coming up, all eyes are going to be on the streamer’s future on the new platform. Here’s all the information you need to tune in, including start times in your region.

TimTheTatmanTwitch, TimThetatman
TimTheTatman is kicking off his YouTube Gaming career.

When is TimTheTatman’s first YouTube Gaming stream?

TimTheTatman announced on Twitter that his first stream as part of his YouTube Gaming deal will take place on Thursday, September 2 at 8AM PT.

You can check when the stream kicks off in different timezones below:

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  • 8AM PT
  • 10AM CST
  • 11AM ET
  • 4PM BST
  • 1AM AEST (September 3)

How to watch TimTheTatman’s first YouTube stream

As you’d probably expect, TimTheTatman’s first YouTube Gaming stream will take place on his official YouTube channel. We’ve embedded the stream directly below so you can watch it right here.

Don’t worry if you can’t watch the stream live, as it will be saved as a VOD on Tim’s YouTube channel.

In a video explaining his future on YouTube, TimTheTatman revealed that his main channel will now be used solely for his streams and VODs, while his secondary channel MoreTimTheTatman will be used for his edited videos.

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“Before I was doing YouTube at all, I was a streamer, and that’s what I’m comfortable with,” he explained. “So what we’re going to do, rather than having specific edited videos, this is where my streams are going to live forever.”

What to expect from TimTheTatman’s first YouTube stream

dr disrespect timthetatmanYouTube: Dr Disrespect / Twitch: TimTheTatman
Dr Disrespect will reunite with TimTheTatman for his first YouTube Gaming stream.

TimTheTatman hasn’t given too much away about his first YouTube Gaming stream, but he has teased that viewers “don’t wanna miss” it and he’ll no doubt be making it extra special to mark the big occasion.

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One thing we do know is that he’ll be joined by fellow streaming stars including Dr Disrespect, 100 Thieves co-owner CouRage, and Dr Lupo, who also just announced his switch to YouTube Gaming.

Make sure you mark your calendars for Tim’s first stream on September 2, 2021!

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