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Here’s how to watch Ninja’s joint Fortnite stream with rapper Nav

Published: 22/Mar/2019 17:59 Updated: 22/Mar/2019 18:09

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer and Fortnite player Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is no stranger to celebrity encounters, as evidenced by his upcoming joint broadcast with rapper ‘Nav.’

Ninja announced the stream in a sponsored Tweet on March 22, where he revealed that Nav would be showing off songs from his upcoming album during their broadcast.

“Super pumped to be playing some Fortnite with Nav today!” Ninja wrote. “He’s going to be showing off his new album for us, too.”

Navraj ‘Nav’ Goraya is a Canadian rapper, as well as a record producer, singer, and songwriter.

Nav got his start on the music streaming service called Soundcloud, and is now signed to XO and Republic Records – the former of which is also shared by popular singer ‘The Weeknd.’

Here’s how to watch the stream:

Fans can watch the broadcast on both Ninja and Nav’s separate Twitch channels, respectively.

The stream begins at 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (3:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM GMT), and will showcase Nav’s forthcoming album, ‘Bad Habits.’

Watch live video from Ninja on www.twitch.tvWatch live video from NavXOTWOD on

This isn’t the first time Ninja has collaborated with major names in the music space; the streamer likewise teamed up with popular EDM artist ‘Marshmello’ for the 2018 E3 Fortnite Pro-AM, and even streamed the game with rapper Drake, breaking the record for most concurrent viewers on an individual Twitch channel in the process.

Ninja also released his own EDM album in late 2018, in collaboration with EDM legends like Kaskade, Tiesto, and Tycho, among others.

Among Us

Karl Jacobs beats Corpse, Dream & more in Mr Beast’s $100k Among Us game

Published: 5/Dec/2020 17:13

by Georgina Smith


YouTuber Karl Jacobs received a whopping $100,000 from Mr Beast after winning a star studded Among Us game, beating creators like Corpse Husband, PewDiePie, Sykkuno, and Dream to the punch.

Among Us is tense at the best of times, but adding an enormous cash prize to the mix is guaranteed to add an extra layer of frustration to the equally loved and loathed cafeteria meetings.

And who better to shake things up than YouTube’s favorite philanthropist, Mr Beast a.k.a. Jimmy Donaldson. Jimmy is well known for putting friends and fans through bizarre challenges to win huge amounts of money.

Particularly since launching his gaming channel earlier this year, the star has been pitting viewers and often fellow creators against each other in games like Minecraft and Among Us.

Mr Beast holds his hands in the air next to the YouTube logo
YouTube: Mr Beast
Mr Beast has over 10 million subscribers on his gaming channel.

This time, Jimmy hosted a star-studded line up of players for an Among Us tournament, featuring the likes of rising stars Corpse Husband, Dream, and Sykkuno, along with classic fan favorites like PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye. All of them were in with a chance of winning $100,000.

The game was set to only have one imposter, meaning there was nowhere to hide for whoever ended up with the mischievous role.

Sykkuno was imposter the first time round, and even though he was caught in the act of killing someone by Corpse, it actually took a good few rounds for the other players to vote him out. Though as the game ended fairly early, Mr Beast let everyone have one more shot at victory.

Karl was the imposter for the second and final game, and the tension ramped up progressively throughout the game as he managed kill after kill without being voted off.

As the number of players dwindled, the vote offs began to get more dramatic, with Jimmy constantly reminding the crew that there was a huge pot of money on the line.

After a tense final few minutes where it wasn’t clear who would sway the game, eventually Karl was deemed the winner, and was overjoyed to have won the huge $100k prize.

The video had a great response from fans who loved the iconic mix of creators combined with the high stakes prize, and there’s no doubt that more content will be on the way from this team.