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How to watch Miku Expo 2021: stream & schedule

Published: 6/Jun/2021 11:24 Updated: 6/Jun/2021 11:26

by Calum Patterson


Miku Expo 2021 is underway, with performances from some of the most popular digital stars, and you can catch all the action on Twitch and YouTube.

The free concert is being streamed three times across June 6, and will feature performers from Japan, Europe and the US.

If you don’t know, Hatsune Miku is a virtual performer – like a Vtuber, but a singer. The creators officially describe Miku as “a virtual persona who uses a computer-generated voice and 3D graphics to perform on stage.

“With a repertoire entirely provided by individual creators, she is the first truly crowd-created virtual talent. But being virtual doesn’t stop her from filling up concert halls, or teaming up with major artists like Lady Gaga and Pharrell Williams!”


Miku Expo 2021 livestream

You can watch the concert on both Twitch and YouTube.

Miku Expo 2021 Schedule

The first concert has already taken place, starting at 10am Japanese time on June 6. There are two concerts to follow.

Although the main Miku Expo show is identical, the three times will feature creators from different regions in the Digital Stars segment.

Miku Expo schedule

You can find more information about the Miku Expo 2021 on the official website.