How to Watch Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime Super Bowl Commercial

Logan Paul and KSI with PRIME Hydration BottlesPRIME

KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration had its own Super Bowl ad this year. Here’s everything we know about Prime’s Super Bowl commercial, including how to watch it.

Since unveiling their product last year, the two YouTube stars have taken over a portion of the hydration beverage market — with Prime absolutely flying off shelves in both the UK and the US.

It’s fair to say the two former boxing rivals have come far, with nobody predicting that Prime would inevitably become the official partner of the UFC, as well as Arsenal F.C.

Prime Hydration now even had a Super Bowl LVII commercial this year, making KSI and Logan Paul the first YouTubers to advertise at the prestigious sporting event. Here’s how you can watch the ad yourself.

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How to watch Prime Hydration Super Bowl LVII commercial

The official Prime Hydration Super Bowl commercial aired just before the kickoff of Super Bowl LVII.

You can view the commercial here:

How much did KSI and Logan Paul pay for Super Bowl LVII commerical?

It can reportedly cost upwards of 7 million for a 30-second advertisement during the big game. Although, according to KSI, they got their commercial a bit cheaper.

Responding to a fan in a recent video, he said: “So I’ve got the number. I’m not allowed to say, but it’s not as high as [7 million], but it’s still a lot.”

(Timestamp at 14:13)

While Prime’s commercial might not have been featured during the famous halftime show, millions of eyes were still on the beverage before the game started.

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