How to watch Gamers for Giving charity event: Stream, schedule & how to donate

Dylan Horetski
Gamers For GIving event Gamers OutreachGamers Outreach

Global video game charity Gamers Outreach is holding their annual two-day ‘Gamers for Giving’ fundraiser on Twitch with a massive goal of $1,000,000 raised. Here’s everything we know about the event including how you can help out. 

Founded in 2008, Gamers for Giving began as a massive in-person competitive gaming tournament and streaming marathon. Due to the global health issues beginning in 2020, the event has been entirely virtual.

The event is put together to raise money for Gamers Outreach, a global video game charity that empowers hospitalized children through play. They do this by sending their custom ‘GO Karts’ to hospitals around the country which are fitted with either an Xbox, PS5, or Nintendo Switch.

Gamers Outreach also provides hospital volunteers to help set kids up with the technology, ‘Save Points’ to provide children with items to take home after treatment, among other things. The charity has provided nearly 1,300 karts to hospitals in all 50 states.

Here’s everything we know about the event — from the days that it’s happening to how you can help raise money yourself.

gamers outreach gamers for giving march 26 and 27 2022

Gamers For Giving dates, times & how to watch

While there are streamers already broadcasting & raising money towards the cause, the official broadcast is March 26 and 27, at 1 pm ET.

It will be streamed on the Gamers Outreach Twitch channel during that time, but you can check out the individual streams of those participating through Tiltify’s list of campaigns.

Aimlab, NZXT, Xbox, and others are providing fun giveaways throughout the official broadcast,

Gamers For Giving how to donate

If you’re interested in helping provide entertainment to hospitalized children, you have two different options.

  1. Go to the Gamers For Giving website directly and click the donate button on the front page.
  2. Donate to a specific creator’s campaign. Streamers often have incentives to help raise money, with having to eat gross ‘beanboozled’ jelly beans as a popular choice.

Whichever option you choose, the donation will go through Tiltify — a website focused on integrating charity campaigns with Twitch streams.

gamers outreach patient playing games on go kart

Gamers For Giving how to raise money

On top of having the ability to donate your own money, content creators of all kinds can register to raise money with their community.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Head over to the Gamers For Giving website and click ‘Register.’ You’ll be directed to Tiltify, and you’ll click ‘Start fundraising’ on that page.
  • Sign up, or log in to your account when prompted, and follow the steps to create your campaign.
  • After you’re done — click publish — and share the link with all of your friends.

If you’re not able to participate this weekend, Tiltify will still be available for creators to make their own campaign year-round. Either way, just focus on having fun and remember that any amount of money raised for charity is worth it.