Thor wins Eddie Hall fight by unanimous decision: recap & highlights

Eddie Hall and The Mountain side by side in the gymInstagram: Eddie Hall/YouTube: Thor

Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson squared off inside the boxing ring after two years of build-up. Here’s all the highlights including the result from The Beast vs The Mountain fight night event.

For years, Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson have gone back-and-forth on social media talking about getting into the ring. Fighting fans were treated to one of the most anticipated matchups that merited its own fight class: Titan wight.

It’s been a long road to the eventual fight after a late injury to Hall had pushed back the match – and left some fans fearing that the fight would never be a reality. Thankfully we went all six rounds, with fighters already showing interest in a rematch.

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There was pride, and a pretty sizable tattoo wager, on the line in the ‘heaviest boxing match in history’ and it delivered in so many ways.

CoreSports / Instagram: thorbjornsson
The Beast vs The Mountain has been on the cards for years.

The Beast vs The Mountain fight result

The Beast vs The Mountain bout ended with Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson claiming the Titan weight belt over his longtime rival Eddie Hall.

Both fighters went into the bout playing to their strengths and the two hit the mat on multiple occasions. But it was Bjornsson who was able to use his reach and land heavy blows that ultimately impressed the judges to take the win.

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The Beast vs The Mountain fight highlights

There were plenty of highlights across the six rounds as the two “monsters of men,” as one fight presenter put it, went at each other.

Round 2 – The Mountain goes down

Round 3 – Thor hits back

Round 4 – Not your average rope-a-dope

Winning moment: The Mountain tames The Beast

Eddie Hall vs Thor rematch?

Thor got out of the night with a win on points and the gassed fighter mentioned that he would definitely consider a rematch against Eddie, should he accept.

However, no word from The Beast if he’d be up for another go-around. But it was clear that Hall didn’t get the hits he wanted in this fight. So, he could be itching to land a clean one on his strong-man rival.

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Eddie Hall vs Hafthor tattoo bet

As noted, there was more than just bragging rights on the line when the pair squared off. Though neither will be taking home any cash winnings, they’ll both be donating $200,000 to a charity of Thor’s choosing, since he won.

On top of that, since Hall lost, he’ll have to get a tattoo declaring the winner as the world’s strongest man once and for all.

If Hafthor had lost, he would’ve had to get a “World’s Strongest Man: Eddie Hall” tattoo. But, since The Beast lost, per the bet, he’ll have to get “World’s Strongest Man: Hafthor Julius Björnsson” tattooed on his body.

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