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How to use TikTok’s Pet Bubble filter to see what your dog is thinking

Published: 19/Jul/2021 15:31

by Ed Barnes


TikTok trends are all the rage nowadays. New ones pop up every week and now the interest is loving a pet bubble filter that might reveal what your dog is thinking.

TikTok may have started life out as an app from creators to show off their dance moves and sing-a-long to their favorite songs, but it’s become so much more than that.

The video-sharing platform is awash with different trends, ranging from harmless skincare routines and Pasta chips to not-so-harmless poached egg and garlic hacks.

Now, a new pet bubble filter is making waves on the web, giving users an insight into what their favorite animals are thinking.


Trends have played a huge role in TikTok’s success.

The filter has proved immensely popular with many videos getting over 500,000 views. One video, featuring a mother and daughter has just under 3 million views.

People have used the Pet Thought Bubble filter to play up rivalries between family dogs or adding a bit of light and dark humor. Some have even used the filter on their parents or friends for comedic effect.

@neeenzsI don’t want to have this conversation again♬ original sound – Nina 🙂

TikToker Nina Sarker posted one video where her dog says that he wants to “eliminate the human race”. Sarker then pretends to be concerned and follows up with another video where a much more logical thought from a dog appears in the bubble.


@neeenzsI thought my mattress was just lumpy… guess not♬ original sound – Nina 🙂

How to use the Pet Thought Bubble filter?

  1. Open the TikTok app and search “Pet Thought Bubble” in the search bar.
  2. Select the first result under “Effects” and click the red video icon towards the bottom of the screen.
  3. Once your recording page is up, select either “human bubble” illustrated by a hand or “pet bubble” illustrated by a paw print.
  4. Type in whatever phrase or word you want your pet, friend or family member wants to say.
  5. Start recording!