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How to update Instagram on iOS & Android

Published: 16/Jan/2022 16:57

by Georgina Smith


With Instagram constantly changing the way the popular app functions and adding new features all the time, it’s important to know how to stay updated with the latest changes. Here’s how to update Instagram on iOS and Android.

Instagram has been a hugely popular app for many years now and is home to millions of users who use the platform to keep up to date with what their friends, family, and favorite celebrities are doing, along with posting some of the best snaps from their own lives.

But with apps like TikTok on a rapid rise in popularity, Instagram has been changing the way they do things to keep up with the demand for video. This has manifested itself in features like Reels, and other video-focused features.


Instagram logo in dark mode
Unsplash: Alexander Shatov
Instagram remains a hugely popular platform.

With all these new features being added, and the company constantly looking for ways to adapt and change things, it’s important to ensure your app is always running the latest version, so you have access to all these new options when they’re made available.

Here’s how to update on both iOS and Android.

How to update Instagram on iOS

Updating Instagram on your Apple device is no different from any other app:

  1. Launch the App Store
  2. Tap the ‘Search’ tab at the bottom.
  3. Type ‘Instagram’ and search.
  4. Where the app is listed in the results, tap the ‘Update’ button (note: If the button instead says ‘Open,’ it means you are already up to date.)

How to update Instagram on Android

The process of updating Instagram on Android isn’t all too different from iOS.

  1. Launch the Google Play Store.
  2. In the search bar at the top, type ‘Instagram’ and hit enter.
  3. Next to the Instagram listing, tap ‘Update’ (note: If the button instead says ‘Open,’ it means you are already up to date.)

Staying updated means you’ll be able to explore Instagram’s new features as and when they come out, and it can even help troubleshoot if you’re having technical difficulties.