How to take the viral ‘what type of girl are you’ test on TikTok

How to take the ‘what type of girl are you’ test on TikTokUNSPLASH: Olivier Bergeron/UQUIZ

There’s a new quiz making its rounds on TikTok, as users are going viral taking the ‘what type of girl are you’ test. Here’s everything to know about it.

There have been several personality tests and quizzes blowing up on TikTok over the years, including things like the popular ‘Love Character‘ quiz and the more recent flower dating test.

These usually claim to tell you something about your personality, and users love sharing their results in videos on the social media app.

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The latest quiz to trend on TikTok is called the ‘what type of girl are you’ test, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. You’ll answer a bunch of questions, and at the end, you’ll find out what type of girl you are. Here is how you can take the personality test.

How to do TikTok’s ‘what type of girl are you’ test

How to take the viral ‘what type of girl are you’ test on TikTokUQUIZ

Taking the ‘what type of girl are you‘ test is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Uquiz website to take the test. 
  2. Enter your name and start by clicking “Start The Quiz”
  3. Answer the eight questions that come on the screen. These include things like “What do you want in life,” “What’s your Zodiac sign,” and more. 
  4. Once you’ve answered all the questions, the test results will be displayed automatically on the screen.

There are six options for which type of girl you are: star girl, rain girl, moon girl, cloud girl, sun girl, and snow girl.

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To share your results with friends and followers on the short-form app, simply screenshot the page to save it to your camera roll, and then add it into a video using the ‘Upload’ feature.

This is not the first time a test from Uquiz has gained popularity on TikTok, after the website’s ‘soldier, poet, or king’ quiz went viral earlier this month.