How to take the color palette test going viral on TikTok

Color palette next to the TikTok logoUnsplash: Christina Rumpf

TikTok users are taking a viral online color palette test to find out which colors suit them best — here’s everything to know about how to take the test for yourself.

There has been a whole assortment of different quizzes and tests to go viral on TikTok over the past few years, with everything from the human feeling test to the mental age quiz getting everyone to participate.

One test that has been circulating on the app allows users to “color-analyze” themselves, and find out what their most flattering colors are.

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Users have been sharing their results with TikTok, with some comparing them to the colors of the clothes they have in their closet, and garnering thousands of likes as a result.

If you want to take the test for yourself, here’s how.

How to take the color palette analysis test on TikTok

You are able to easily take the color palette analysis test from the colorwise website, where you will be able to put in an image of yourself. Just do as follows:

  1. Go to, and click ‘Discover your palette.’
  2. Scroll down, and under ‘Upload an image,’ click ‘Browse.’
  3. Choose an image of you, and then drag the cropping circle to the center of your face. You can use the arrow button to resize the circle, and as the website instructs, make sure to include at least part of your hair.
  4. Click ‘Get started.’
  5. Following the website’s instructions, use the color picker tool to select your skin, hair, and eye color.
  6. Click ‘Next.’
  7. Here you will able to view your color palette, including your best colors, and colors to avoid.

This trend is continuing to increase in popularity on TikTok, so now’s a great time to share your results and compare them with others on the app.

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