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How to put a TikTok in reverse – A simple guide

Published: 1/Apr/2021 12:03

by Georgina Smith


Putting your video in reverse is a tried-and-tested editing trick on TikTok, used as the basis for countless popular trends on the platform. Fortunately, the app makes it simple for you to apply this trick to your own videos.

While TikTok’s focus is on short-form video content, creators on the platform certainly manage to pack a punch in the videos they create, which are all under a minute long.

As the app has gained more and more popularity, the editing techniques have gotten more complex, with transitions, filters, tricks, and more.

But one simple technique that has always been utilized by users of the app is the reverse function, which some use to participate in challenges, others creating some cool-looking transitions out of the effect.


Thankfully, TikTok makes it easy for users to try this effect out for themselves. Here’s how to put your TikToks in reverse.

The TikTok logo on a black screen
TikTok has become a hub for all sorts of viral trends.

How to put videos in reverse on TikTok

  1. Launch TikTok
  2. Click the plus sign at the bottom the screen to start a new video.
  3. Film the video you want to reverse by tapping the red button, or upload a video by selecting the ‘Upload’ icon in the bottom right corner.
  4. Tap the tick to move to the next screen.
  5. Click ‘Effects’ at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Go to the ‘Time’ category and tap ‘Reverse.’
  7. Select ‘Save’ to apply the effect to your video.

This reversed video can be combined with various sounds, filters, and effects that are also available natively on the app, to make some masterpieces that could end up going viral.

The app’s ‘Effects’ section also includes the option to add repeat, slow motion, split-screen, zoom-ins, stickers, and more.

The platform is adding more and more features to its editor as time goes on, meaning that you can create interesting videos that stand out on people’s For You Page without ever having to use an external application.


Putting your video in reverse is just one of the great ways to switch up your editing techniques on TikTok.