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How to post on Instagram from PC

Published: 15/Jan/2022 17:34

by Connor Bennett


Got some photos on your PC that you really want to upload to Instagram? Well, you can easily do so without having to transfer them to your phone. Here’s how. 

While social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter have become a great way to kill time while using your phone, they do have actual website counterparts that can be browsed too.

If you’re away from your phone and looking to kill a bit of time, you can flick through Instagram Reels and the TikTok ‘For You Page’ with a few clicks of your keyboard, pretty much as you would when swiping with a phone.


With Instagram’s desktop site, users were previously only able to browse before the massive social media platform made it possible to send and read direct messages. Nowadays, you can even post a photo from your PC, and it’s actually pretty easy.

Instagram logo in dark mode
Unsplash: Alexander Shatov
Instagram remains a hugely popular platform.

If you’ve got a really good photo or set of photos stored away on your PC, you don’t have to transfer them over to your phone and worry about them losing quality by posting them that way.

Instead, you just need to log in to the Instagram desktop site and then use the create a post option – the square icon that has a plus sign in the middle of it. From there, it’ll look somewhat similar to how you make a post using your phone.


Simply select the photo or photos that you want to center your post around and allow time for them to be uploaded to the site. From there, you’ll be able to add any filters you’d like, throw on a location sticker, and give your post a caption before you send it off to be shared with your followers.

How to post photos on Instagram from PC

  1. Head to and log in to the account you want to post from
  2. When logged in, click the create a post icon
  3. Select the photo/photos you want to post
  4. Wait for them to upload to the site
  5. Press the ‘next’ option to start cropping, adding filters, stickers, and more
  6. When you’re happy, press ‘next’ again until you reach the option to add a caption
  7. Tag your friends, write in a caption, and post away!
Instagram create a post option on PC
Screenshot via Instagram
You’ll be prompted to upload your photos, and then you’ll get to add filters, stickers, etc.

Posts made from the Instagram desktop site will appear as normal in your feed – you won’t get any special badge or anything like that to set it apart from your regular posts.

You will, though, want to make sure the size of the image is right for the type of post you want to make, otherwise, it could look a little funky compared to others. Though, that is pretty easy to sort. So, happy posting!