How to make TikTok’s viral cinnamon rolls recipe

TikTok logo on cinnamon rollsUnsplash: Yosep Sugiarto

TikTok is going gaga over a simple recipe for cinnamon rolls containing heavy cream, which is amassing millions of likes and views on the platform — here’s how to make it for yourself.

Social media app TikTok is home to a wide variety of content, and people particularly love food and drink videos, which show hacks to make cooking easier, as well as delicious recipes that both taste good and are easy to make.

Cinnamon rolls are a classic baked treat loved by many across the world, but they can be a bit of a hassle to make from scratch if you’re not the biggest baking fan. Although there have been several cinnamon roll recipes to go viral on TikTok, the latest one doing the rounds is a lot simpler.

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This particular recipe just involves the kind of pre-made cinnamon roll dough you can buy in a can, as well as heavy cream to make the dough less dry, and your preferred icing.

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How to make TikTok’s heavy cream cinnamon rolls

As TikTok users have been demonstrating in their videos, to make this delicious treat you simply need to do as follows:

  1. Put the pre-made rolls in a baking dish.
  2. Pour about half a cup of heavy whipping cream over the top of the rolls evenly.
  3. Follow the instructions on the dough packet to bake in the oven (note: you may have to bake for slightly longer if the rolls aren’t yet cooked all the way through.)
  4. Top with an icing of your choice, and serve!

People have been going viral sharing their different variations on this simple cinnamon roll hack, and it’s an appealing option for when you want to upgrade the standard pre-made type.

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TikTok has seen several recipes take off in the past, including the popular brownie recipe that became a comment meme, and a number of different mac & cheese recipes that viewers loved.

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