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How to make album covers on TikTok

Published: 4/Feb/2021 19:00

by Georgina Smith


The new trend going viral on TikTok sees users turn random pictures from their camera rolls or from popular TV shows into arty-looking album covers, with the motto “anything can be an album cover.”

The trends on TikTok are getting progressively more creative as time goes by, with users utilizing in-app features along with external apps to achieve an effect that looks bizarrely professional.

In June of 2020, some TikTok stars were editing themselves into the covers of Vogue magazine, and the results were certainly impressive. These kinds of trends are constantly inspiring people to make new things, and this ‘album art’ trend is the latest to sweep the app.


Users take random, funny, or plain-looking images from their camera rolls, and they edit them to look like an arty album cover, even adding the ‘parental advisory’ warning or adding it to a music player to make it look even more realistic.


#greenscreenvideo #greenscreen #albumcover part 2

♬ Hiiipower x DIAND – Michael

Like many TikTok trends lately, this one involves you using an external app to get your images looking fit to be album art, though the process is super simple.

Here’s how to do it for yourself.

How to edit album art for TikTok

  1. Download the app PicsArt.
  2. Open up your picture, crop it to a square, and add any filters or effects you want. Many choose to turn up the saturation and add a grain effect, but the choice is up to you.
  3. Click on the ‘stickers’ tab and search ‘parental advisory’ in order to add the logo to the corner of your album cover.
  4. Once you’ve edited your image, click ‘next’ and then ‘save’ to import the picture to your camera roll.
  5. Open TikTok and press the plus button to create a new video.
  6. Click the ‘Upload’ box to add the image to a video.
  7. A popular sound used with the trend is Hiiipower x DIAND, so make sure to add that by clicking on the ‘Sounds’ tab if you want to join in on the trend.

While this is just one way to edit some cool-looking album-art style images, the possibilities are technically endless, and experimenting with the filters you use, along with the way you edit the pictures into your TikToks can produce some really interesting results.