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How to get the viral Roblox filter on TikTok

Published: 27/Dec/2021 14:32

by Georgina Smith


A new filter that turns anyone that uses it into a Roblox avatar is going viral on TikTok, with videos using the effect garnering millions of views. Here’s how to try it for yourself.

Aside from dances and challenges, one of the things that TikTok is best known for is its huge array of filters, with new ones constantly being added to the app and going viral.

This can be anything from distortion effects, to beauty filter and green screens, and the userbase is constantly finding new ways to turn these filters into viral trends.

The platform has added plenty of decidedly bizarre effects over the years as well, including things like the Versailles Run filter, and they quickly get everyone’s attention.


TikTok logo on a black screen
Unsplash: Solen Feyissa
TikTok usage is increasing by the day.

The latest filter to sweep the app is inspired by online game platform Roblox, and turns anyone that uses the filter into a full-body avatar seemingly inspired by the game.

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Many people have gone viral with their reactions to using the filter for the first time, and have even attempted popular TikTok dances with the filter applied.

Others have used the effect on unsuspecting friends and family members, leading to some hilarious results.

How to use TikTok Roblox ‘Material Gworl’ Filter

As this filter is included within the TikTok app, you won’t need to use any third-party apps to get it, meaning it’s super simple to use for the first time.


  1. Launch TikTok.
  2. Go to the ‘Discover’ tab.
  3. Search ‘material gwooorl.’
  4. Tap the pink record button next to the filter uploaded by user lednique in the search results.
  5. Stand back from the camera a little, and the effect should be automatically applied.
  6. Record and post your video.

People have been going viral with their reactions to this colorful filter, and there’s no doubt that it’ll inspire a whole range of new filters in the future.