How to fix ‘beta has expired’ error on TikTok

TikTok and the beta has expired messageUnsplash/TikTok

TikTok users have been reporting issues with the ‘beta has expired’ error message popping up on-screen again. However, if you find the message giving you headaches, there is an easy way to fix it.

For the most part, TikTok has always run pretty smoothly. There have been a few issues with not being able to publish videos or find profiles at times, but those server issues happen to every platform.

However, more recently, users have been getting a number of different error messages on-screen that can prevent them from using the app properly.

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Issues like ‘you are visiting too frequently’ and the For You page removing videos whilst they’re being watched have all been addressed quite easily, but the ‘beta has expired’ issue has also been causing headaches as it’s resurfaced.

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TikTok continues to be a massive success.

Just like the other problems, the ‘beta has expired’ error message will pop up shortly after you open up the TikTok app. In some cases, you might not even get onto the ‘For You’ page before it crops up.

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If it does pop up, it’s because the app believes it is out of date and it either needs updating or reinstalling completely.

So, you’re best off checking your App Store to make sure there isn’t an update to download. If there is, download it and the issue should go away. If there isn’t, and your app says it is fully up to date, you’ll have to delete and redownload TikTok.

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How to remove ‘beta has expired’ TikTok error

  1. Check the app store to see if TikTok is fully updated
  2. If it isn’t, download the updates
  3. If it is updated, delete TikTok and then redownload the app
  4. Your problem should now be fixed!

Now, if you do have to fully reinstall the app, this means, sadly, you may lose some of the drafts you’ve got lined up.

So, make sure you’ve either got them saved to your camera roll or can remake it pretty easily.

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