How to do TikTok’s ‘What Little Miss are you’ quiz

Georgina Smith
TikTok logo in the middle of Little Miss charactersThurman Publishing / Mr. Men Wiki

The ‘Little Miss’ meme has been taking over social media throughout July, and now TikTok users are finding out which Little Miss they are with a popular quiz.

The Little Miss characters are from the ‘Mr. Men’ children’s book series by English author Roger Hargreaves, and were a staple of many childhoods across the world.

Each book in the series focused on a different creature with a distinctive personality trait, such as ‘Little Miss Bossy’ or ‘Little Miss Greedy,’ and people have been making their own versions of the characters online for a while now.

But in July 2022, the meme blew up in a big way on social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok, using the template to create their own version like “Little Miss Hopeless Romantic,” and, “Little Miss Uninterested.”

These posts have garnered hundreds of thousands of likes, and now TikTok users are taking a brutally honest online quiz that tells them what kind of ‘Little Miss’ they are, sharing their results in videos on the app.

How to do the ‘Little Miss’ quiz on TikTok

As the Little Miss memes continue, users have been taking this quiz to find out what kind of Little Miss they are, and the test is super simple to do.

This quiz is hosted on uquiz and was created by user vickova, titled ‘Which Little Miss Do I Think You Are?’ Enter your name and click ‘Start quiz,’ before answering the seven questions you are presented with, which include things like ‘What’s your dream life?’

Once you’ve answered all the questions, you will be met with a brutally honest Little Miss character that supposedly matches your personality.

TikTok has seen a number of personality quizzes go viral in recent months, including the human feeling quiz and the mental age test.