How to do TikTok’s viral ‘MBTI Chemistry’ quiz

MBTI chemistry test next to TikTok logo on a phoneUnsplash: Mourizal Zativa / / TikTok: rubyaintheree

TikTok users are going viral by sharing their results to the popular ‘MBTI Chemistry’ quiz, which shows how compatible your friendship group is based on your four-letter personality type.

There have been a number of different personality quizzes go viral on short-form video platform TikTok over the years, including the human feeling test and the mental age quiz.

These quizzes usually claim to tell you something about your personality, and users love sharing their results in videos on TikTok.

The latest quiz to do the rounds on the app is called the ‘MBTI Chemistry’ quiz. MBTI stands for the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, which is a self-report questionnaire that categorizes people into 16 types, each type being a four-letter acronym such as ISTJ or ENFP.

The ‘MBTI Chemistry’ quiz takes that idea one step further, and allows you to input all of your friends’ four-letter personality types to find out how compatible each member is with the rest of the group. Note: This quiz is not affiliated with the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment.

Videos featuring this quiz have been garnering millions of views, so if you want to jump on the trend, here’s how to do the quiz.

How to do the ‘MBTI Chemistry’ quiz on TikTok

Before taking the test, you will need to make sure you know your personality type, as well as the types of any friends you want to include in the quiz. If you have yet to find out your type, you can do so here.

Following this, head to the Chemistry quiz at through this link. Once on the page, enter your name, and select your personality type, then click ‘Save and see how we hit it off.’

On the new page, enter a name for your group. From here, you can either invite your friends to the group by sharing to WhatsApp or Facebook, or by copying and sharing the link.

Alternatively, you can add your friends manually by clicking ‘Add MBTI directly.’ From there, enter your friends’ names and their personality types. You can share with a group of up to ten, including yourself.

Then, click on each name to see what their chemistry is like with others in the group, with results ranging from ‘Perfect’ to ‘Disaster.’

This quiz is continuing to go viral on TikTok as more people share their results with their followers on the app.