How to capture clips on Mixer – the home of Shroud and Ninja streams

by David Purcell


Mixer is growing by the day, after securing exclusive deals with Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, but not everybody will know to clip their favorite streamers on the new platform. 

Microsoft's streaming alternative to Twitch has a lot of new eyes on it, after securing moves for two of the gaming world's most popular live streamers. 

Ninja announced he would be making the move back in August and shroud also decided to switch over on October 24, claiming that he prefers the community vibe on the new platform already. 

With so many of their viewers presumably making the transition with them, there's no doubt that the differences between the platforms will take some getting used to. One those features, of course, is clipping. 

Twitter: Shroud
Twitter: Shroud
Shroud shocked the gaming world on October 24 when he confirmed his move to Mixer.

How to clip on Mixer

There's currently not a very intuitive way to capture clips, especially if you're used to the ease of Twitch where it's just the click of a button. As many will be aware, fans of streamers on Twitch can simply click the clip button and capture up to 60 seconds of gameplay, should something interesting happen. 

Only Mixer Partners, however, have the ability to clip their own streams right now as the Clips portion of Mixer is currently in beta. That doesn't mean to say that you can't record interesting moments, though, as there is a solution. 

There is an easy way around it and it's by using the Google Chrome extension called NeatClip, which can be downloaded by using this link if you're a Chrome user that is. 

Can you clip on Mixer using console?

If you don't want to use the extension, you're also able to use the NeatClip website but that will make your life a lot harder as you'll have to paste the entire video in, which makes it difficult to capture a certain moment.

This will work for any video and not just Mixer so it's a handy extension to have. One setback, though, for users who tend to watch their favorite streamers on Xbox One platform don't have a clip option at all available to them. 

Ninja's move to Mixer appears to have paved the way for more streamers to follow suit.

Outside of NeatClip or a similar tool, there isn't a way to grab clips if you're not a Mixer Partner yourself, which is disappointing news to those who love clipping.

Mixer confirmed this in their FAQ about clips but it sounds like that could be changing sometime in the future, especially as the platform gains popularity.

"The feature is available to Mixer Partners and their channel editors as part of the beta," one statement says, but there is currently no timetable as to when the beta period will end so viewers might have to wait a while before the feature rolls out to everyone.