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How to buy Twitch star JustaMinx’s Spring 2022 merch: Items, prices, more

Published: 24/May/2022 20:58 Updated: 24/May/2022 21:01

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch streamer JustaMinx is celebrating her historical boxing victory with a brand-new line of unique, gothic merchandise. Here’s everything you need to know to snag your fit.

JustaMinx is a popular Irish streamer who boasts over 2 million followers on Twitch.

Best known for her witty comedy chops and her boisterous personality, Minx has accrued quite a big fanbase for herself, scoring another 732k subscribers over on YouTube — not to mention her additional 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Recently, Minx stepped into the boxing ring against fellow influencer Yodeling Haley at Creator Clash, where she emerged victorious after a Round 4 TKO… and she’s celebrating her big win with another major achievement.


JustaMinx wins Yodeling Haley boxing match
Joseph Correa, FrontProof Media
JustaMinx made history at Creator Clash 2022 by fighting in the world’s first-ever women’s influencer boxing match.

What clothes are in JustaMinx’s merch line?

On May 24, the streaming star uploaded a video to Twitter with a link to a mysterious new website.

The video, set to some industrial, grungy techno music, showcases some items for Minx’s upcoming merch line, which are modeled by several other Twitch stars like Myth and QTCinderella.

Thus far, it looks like Minx’s new merch will include:

  • A black baseball cap with the word ‘heartbreaker’ embroidered on the front in stylized script
  • A long-sleeved shirt with Minx’s name as a decal on the left front shoulder
  • A black ‘heartbreaker’ t-shirt
  • A white, long-sleeved hoodie with anime-style artwork

How much does JustaMinx merch cost?

At the time of writing, no prices have been revealed for Minx’s merch line.

Myth models justaminx heartbreaker cap
Twitter: JustaMinx
Myth wears JustaMinx’s upcoming ‘heartbreaker’ baseball cap.

When does JustaMinx’s merch line drop?

According to the announcement video and the official merch website, this new launch will go down on Thursday, May 26, at 12 PM PT / 3 PM EST.

Fans can grab the merchandise on its official website, which we’ve linked here.


Minx is just the latest influencer to unleash her own stylish merch line; recently, fellow Twitch streamer Sykkuno released his own clothing line, complete with scarves, hoodies, and more.

QTCinderella models JustaMinx merch long sleeved shirt
Twitter: JustaMinx
QTCinderella models a long-sleeved shirt from JustaMinx’s upcoming merch line.

Before that, Valkyrae also created a clothing line with a similar streetwear vibe to JustaMinx.

The hype around Minx’s merch launch is definitely real, with fans already promising to snag a few pieces for themselves. The influencer clothing empire continues to grow… and fans are here for it.