How to buy Sommer Ray’s merch: 2022 drop prices & photos

Alan Bernal
sommer ray 2022 collectionSommer Ray Instragram

Popular Instagram model Sommer Ray has launched a new line of merch for 2022, with activewear to last the whole year. Here’s a look at the latest collection, how much they cost, and where to get them.

The influencer wave has been the herald of active lifestyle branding that suits every person on their fitness journey. We’ve seen big social media figures putting their own marks on the industry by releasing their own lines of merchandise like Ana Cherí and Sandra Prikker.

Sommer Ray is continuing to build her women’s clothing brand and Sommer Ray Shop’s 2022 collection has everything from crop tops and gym wear.

Sommer Ray 2022 collection prices

sommer ray 2022 collectionSommer Ray Shop
The Sommer Ray 2022 collection has a wide line of activewear styles.

The Sommer Ray 2022 collection was released on January 10 with a 15-piece line covering women’s styles from cropped t-shirts to more versatile terry cloth sweaters.

Some pieces come in a few different variations as the influencer experiments with singular colors to a wilder Zebra print.

Sommer Ray 2022 collection


  1. Zip-up cropped terry cloth sweater $24.99 (Black, Brown, Green)
  2. Soft open back self-tie cropped T-shirt $19.99 (Black, Brown, Tan, Orange, Zebra)
  3. Soft self-tie keyhole halter top $19.99 (Black, White, Brown, Green)
  4. Long sleeve scoop neck crop top $19.99 (Black, White, Brown)
  5. Soft one shoulder bustier bra $19.99 (Black, White, Brown, Tan, Orange)
  6. Crossover hem cinched front bra $19.99 (Black, White, Brown)
  7. Triangle crossover cut-out bra $19.99 (Black, Tan, Zebra)
  8. Crossover neckline sports bra $19.99 (Black, White, Brown, Green, Orange)


  1. High-rise crossover front leggings $34.99 (Black, Tan, Zebra)
  2. V-front butt lift leggings $34.99 (Black, White, Brown)
  3. High-rise butt lift leggings $34.99 (Black, Brown, Green, Orange, Zebra)
  4. High-rise pleated tennis skirt $29.99 (Black, White)
  5. Soft self-tie flared pants – $19.99 (Black, Brown, Tan, Orange, Zebra)
  6. Side cinched active shorts $19.99 (Black, White, Brown, Tan, Green, Orange, Zebra)
  7. Terry cloth basketball shorts $19.99 (Black, White, Brown, Tan, Green, Orange)
sommer ray 2022 collectionSommer Ray Shop
The newly launched 2022 collection is the next offering from popular TikTok influencer Sommer Ray.

How to buy Sommer Ray merch & products

For people looking to get their Ray merch, the popular influencer has her own shop where people can peruse all the different items in the 2022 drop.

Simply head over to the official Sommer Ray Shop where items from her current and previous collections can be seen.

She is also a founder of Imarais Beauty, which sells PETA-approved vegan, plant-based skincare gummies.