How old is Alexa Demie? Viral TikTok reveals Euphoria star’s real age

alexa demie tiktokAlexa Demie/TikTok

A TikTok went viral revealing the real age of Euphoria star Alexa Demie, who users thought was the same age as her character on the show.

Alexa Demie has gained massive popularity through her portrayal of Maddy Perez in the hit HBO show Euphoria, embodying the unfiltered and iconic high school cheerleader.

As the show has gained massive popularity, fans have grown curious about the actors beyond the big screen, specifically Demie.

Viewers grew even more curious of her when a TikTok went viral revealing what her actual real age is.

alexa demieYouTube: Euphoria
Alexa Demie is from Los Angeles, California.

Viral TikTok shows Alexa Demie’s age

TikToker amber_lizette25 posted a video of their high school yearbook revealing that they went to school with Alexa.

The senior yearbook, from 2007, revealed that Demie is in fact 31 years old.

The TikTok showing Demie’s age instantly went viral, and now has over 18 million views. Maddy Perez in Euphoria is supposed to be 18 years old, and fans of the show genuinely couldn’t believe she looks young enough to portray a high schooler.

One viewer said, “She must be a vampire she looks even younger now.”

Her age has long been the topic of conversation, and discrepancy. A profile of her from 2019 attributed her as a 24-year-old. adding to the growing confusion of her real age.

Demie may have tapped into some dark magic to retain both her youth and looks, while also being one of the best actors on the HBO show.