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How much money AFTV makes from Arsenal games on YouTube

Published: 20/Jan/2021 15:46 Updated: 29/Jan/2021 11:37

by Jacob Hale


Arsenal Fan TV has become one of the most popular football channels on YouTube, with hilarious and emotional reactions to Arsenal FC’s biggest wins and shortcomings. By the sounds of it, they’re making a decent chunk of money, too.

AFTV features a group of big Arsenal fans as they seek to restore some of their former Premier League and European glory. Once one of the biggest sides in the world, Arsenal have slowly fallen to the wayside since the mid-2000s, and the fans are clearly exasperated.

Few more so than this group, though. Run by Robbie Lyle, you’ll often see Daniel ‘DT’ Turner, Taiwo ‘Ty’ Ogunlabi, Kelechi Anyikude, Lee Judges and Harry ‘White Yardie’ Gregory sharing their thoughts on Arsenal matches, with watchalongs and post-match reactions for fans to sink their teeth into.


Often the source of great memes, AFTV has slowly become a huge staple of football on YouTube, so much so that non-Arsenal fans will engage almost as much as Arsenal fans themselves.

Robbie Lyle Arsenal Fan TV emirates stadium
Instagram: crucialrobbie
Robbie Lyle is the genius behind Arsenal Fan TV.

Now, though, a new report claims to reveal how much money AFTV is making from YouTube ad revenue alone, and it’s jaw-dropping.

In a report on the top earning fan channels on YouTube, American Gambler has Arsenal Fan TV taking the top spot, and by some margin.

They claim that AFTV is pulling in an estimated $1.7m per year from YouTube adverts alone — so that doesn’t include sponsorships or partnerships or any other income stream. That narrows down to approximately $44,526 per Premier League game.


highest earning fan youtube channels AFTV
American Gambler
The 10 highest earning fan YouTube channels according to American Gambler.

In fact, so popular is AFTV that the report states they earn more than every other football fan channel on YouTube combined, with Manchester United’s The United Stand taking second place with just under $1.1m

So, if you’ve ever wondered why the main members of AFTV put themselves through the trauma each and every week, this probably gives you a slightly better idea.