Hot Ones’ Sean Evans explains why Gordon Ramsay made him nervous

YouTube: First We Feast

Hot Ones host Sean Evans is extremely accustomed to spicy interviews, but the 33-year-old admitted he was the one sweating when world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay appeared on the show to run the gauntlet and take on the “wings of death.”

Few shows have captured audiences quite like Hot Ones, which sees Evans and his guest sit down at a table with 10 spicy chicken wings in front of them. These aren’t any normal wings though, with each doused in hot sauces, with the chicken getting spicier as the interview continues, leading up to the grand finale Last Dab, a concoction created by First We Feast themselves which clocks in at a mouth-destroying 3.3 million units on the Scoville Heat Scale.

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Athletes, celebrities, YouTube stars, and more have all sat face-to-face with Evans and the wings, but the host admitted that while interview these megastars has become the norm for him, Gordon Ramsay’s appearance on the show felt like nothing the First We Feast team had faced before.

Gordon Ramsey eating a chicken wing on Hot Ones.YouTube: First We Feast
The First We Feast crew were nervous heading into their interview with Chef Ramsey.

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During an appearance on the H3 Podcast, host Ethan Klein mentioned the success of the Ramsay episode which now has over 50 million views on YouTube, before asking Evans if he had been nervous about the prospect of having the 16-time Michelin Star chef on his show to eat their hot wings.

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“I really think the internet peer pressured us into a room together,” Evans explained. “When we first started the show, that was the biggest request. That’s important to us. You could tell, that morning in Los Angeles felt like a playoff game. Going to the office that morning, we were buttoned-up, business trip-type thing.”

“Yeah,” the 33-year-old responded when asked about whether he was nervous about serving food to the TV chef. “The food, he’ll play into that. We have gotten a lot better on the wings, we had a lot of complaints early on, but we’ve turned that around. The wings that Gordon ate were pretty good, I stand by them, but he’s going to come in and make fun of the wings, at one point he was saying ‘Is this expired? It says 2015 on it.’ The sauce he lifted wasn’t even around in 2015, but that’s the Gordon Ramsay side and what makes him an amazing entertainer.

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“He’s a teddy bear, was awesome to work with. He’s the man.”

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While the First We Feast crew may have been feeling anxious about the prospect of working with Ramsay, the show went off without a hitch, and instantly became a fan-favorite among viewers of the show as they watched one of the world’s greatest tasting palettes go toe-to-toe with the ‘Wings of Death.’

The chef managed to blast his way through the wings, but not everyone finds it as easy as he did, with Birds of Prey star Margot Robbie claiming she was “going to die” while running the gauntlet in the premiere episode of Season 11.

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