Is "hot girls' side table" the strangest TikTok trend ever? - Dexerto

Is “hot girls’ side table” the strangest TikTok trend ever?

Published: 3/Apr/2021 21:20 Updated: 3/Apr/2021 21:21

by Charlotte Colombo


We’ve all heard of “hot girls’ summer”, but the latest TikTok obsession involves users showing off their “hot girls’ side table” in a new viral challenge.

With the current health crisis meaning that vacations are probably off the agenda this summer, TikTokers are trading “hot girls’ summer” for “hot girls’ side table”.

The challenge has definitely blown up among amateur interior designers on the app, with the tag ‘sidetable’ amassing 115.5 million views as well as being granted a spot on TikTok’s coveted ‘Featured’ page.


♬ Ivy – Frank Ocean

The trend itself is pretty simple: it just involves revealing your side table to the sound of Frank Ocean’s 2016 hit ‘Ivy’.


One of the most popular videos to come of this trend is by TikTok user ‘notolivia’. With a loose AirPod, can of White Claw and lone hair tie being among the possessions strewn out under the pink lighting, her video – captioned ‘hot girls’ side table’ – amassed 1.8 million views in total.


much contraband

♬ Ivy – Frank Ocean

As other girls on the app showed off their side tables, the boys on TikTok started showing off their own ‘hot boys’ side tables’ in order to join in with the trend.



♬ Ivy – Frank Ocean

Meanwhile, other users took the trend to the next level, with TikTok user Marissa Ashcroft showcasing her DIY tree stump side table in a video that amassed 3.2 million likes.



From stump to side table #homediy #apartmenttherapy #sidetable #apartmentdiy #diy #bohemian #trashtotreasure

♬ Ivy – Frank Ocean

However, not all TikTok users were convinced by the suspiciously-immaculate side tables taking over the timeline.

One video that received 1.3 million views shows TikTok user Sadie anxiously decorating her side table in the video captioned: “Everyone making their side tables aesthetic AF for this trend.”


laughing my ass off

♬ Ivy – Frank Ocean

They say you can learn a lot about a person based on how they decorate their house, and it looks like, at least on TikTok, the same can be said for side tables too.