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Hooters waitresses hijack Korean streamer’s IRL broadcast

Published: 4/Mar/2020 20:06

by Michael Gwilliam


Popular Twitch streamer Jinny found herself exploring a Hooters restaurant in San Antonio, Texas on March 3, and soon had herself surrounded by waitresses.

The Korean streamer was visiting Texas and stopped to eat at Hooters before deciding to interview one of the employees.

Hooters is mostly known for its waitresses, referred to as “Hooters Girls,” whose work attire consists of a white tank top and orange shorts.

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After talking to one of the girls about where she’s from, Jinny explained that she has viewers all over the world.

“There are a few people who are in Austin and San Antonio,” she added while looking at her chat. “Look, they’re sending hearts to you guys.”


Upon a further glance, the streamer noticed that her viewers were telling the waitress they liked her makeup.

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“[They’re] asking your Instagram? What?” Jinny laughed but appeared disgusted by the request.

The waitress, however, seemed to like the idea and decided she would write down her account name for the chat, probably in an attempt to gain some more followers.

Shortly thereafter another two women came by to introduce themselves to Jinny, but this time, even before her chat could request more Instagram accounts, one of the waitresses went to write her name down on the board.


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Not before long, the board filled up and there were four Instagram accounts written on it. For her part, Jinni seemed okay with playing along and hyping up the girls by holding the whiteboard in front of her camera.

Jinny was happy she was gifted a t-shirt from a waitress.

Being a good sport ended up earning the streamer a free Hooters outfit too. “I’m just giving it to you. We don’t sell them,” the waitress said off-screen.

It was definitely a bit of a bizarre experience, but a fun one nonetheless for the popular streamer and her viewers.