Home invasion caught on camera in jaw-dropping TikTok livestream

Unsplash.com: Solen Feyissa / TikTok: cantfightfate14

A TikToker was in the middle of a live stream with a friend when their home was invaded by two masked men — and the entire ordeal was caught on camera.

Thanks to the advent of live streaming, a slew of unpredictable and wild events can take place on camera, as they happen, for everyone on the internet to see.

Twitch streamers have recorded quite a few of these incidents in the platform’s history; everything from house fires to thefts and more have been caught on their cameras for a live audience.

TikTok also boasts a live streaming feature, which allows users to have a joint broadcast with each other. TikToker ‘cantfightfate14’ was streaming alongside his friend, Wally Assaad, when things took a turn for the worse.

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TikTok home invasion caught on live broadcastUnsplash.com: Solen Feyissa
Twitch is a popular destination for live-streamed content… but platforms like TikTok and Instagram are also joining the fray.

In a video clip taken from their broadcast, viewers can hear Assaad screaming in fear while two unknown persons off-camera ask, “Where’s the safe?” and, “Where’s the money?”

“Bro, I don’t know,” Assaad can be heard saying.

Reports state the altercation occurred near 11:30 PM in Sydney, Australia. Authorities received a call to a house on Koonoona Avenue in Villawood in response to a home invasion.

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According to law enforcement, Assaad had opened up the door after hearing a knock. He was allegedly punched in the face and knocked out, falling to the floor.

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Authorities state that the intruders were two masked men wearing balaclavas, who purportedly threatened a female occupant in the home with a firearm. The intruders stole clothing before fleeing the scene.

Luckily, Assaad is alive and well, although he did receive medical treatment for a laceration to the head. He posted his own video after the horrific experience thanking his fans and supporters.

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This is just one of many such incidents captured online in a live play-by-play; in April 2022, esports pro FaZe Agony live-tweeted an active home invasion at his own house in what he called the “scariest night” of his life.

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