Hololive star Hakos Baelz is so loud on stream she got kicked out of home

Hakoz Baelz smiling on streamYouTube: Hakos Baelz

Hakos Baelz is known for being a ruckus on stream with plenty of screaming and shouting. However, the Hololive star is so loud she actually got kicked out of home ⁠— kind of ⁠— so she could stream without disturbing anyone else under her roof.

Hakos Baelz is known for being the embodiment of chaos on stream. After all, it’s in her lore for the rat to be somewhat of a loud nuisance to really shake things up.

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Screaming and shouting is not a rare occurrence if you tune into any Bae stream. It can be ear-splitting for some viewers, but for the people who live with her? They can’t just hit the mute button, and that led to an intervention with the Hololive star.

Bae couldn’t stop herself from laughing after telling a story about her room renovation with ‘Papa Rat’ doing up the streamer’s room, as well as pushing forward with some changes to her kitchenette and bathroom. 

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This led to some obvious questions about where she actually lives: “I’m not going to get into specifics, but I’m located in a secluded part of where I live, if that makes sense. I live outside of the house.”

Without knowing too much about the specifics, it sounds a lot like a granny flat ⁠— a popular detached form of housing in Australia where Bae lives. However, the agent of chaos played it up a bit about being kicked out to the shed when she started streaming.

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“They have their house ⁠— well it’s still my house too because I still go in there for food and stuff, but I live in the shed! They kicked me out to the shed.

“It’s disconnected from the rest of them because that’s how loud I am and they were like ‘yeah nah we can’t have you under the same roof.’ I live in a shed! There’s a gamer cage in the shed guys.”

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So for those watching Bae’s streams for the foreseeable future expect the construction noises to continue ⁠— as well as the loud screams she’s become somewhat known for. Hopefully they don’t get too loud to lead to any noise complaints.

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