Hololive star Amelia Watson curious about potential but “scary” Twitch shift

Amelia Watson streaming on YouTubeYouTube: Amelia Watson / Twitch

Hololive EN star Amelia Watson has spoken about the possibility of swapping from YouTube to Twitch for even just one stream, claiming a shift would be an “interesting experiment”.

The potential for more Hololive streams on Twitch continues to rise as talents like Amelia Watson continue to talk about jumping from YouTube to the Amazon-owned platform.

The Hololive star was having issues with her YouTube stream stats showing incorrectly, and was asked by viewers about potentially swapping to Twitch for a stream or two. The detective was hesitant, but said a swap could be an “interesting experiment”.

Amelia Watson reading off laptop on YouTube streamYouTube: Amelia Watson
Could Amelia Watson make the Twitch plunge?

“It kind of sounds scary to stream on Twitch but I wonder what it’d be like. I wonder how it would change. It’d be an interesting experiment. I think Twitch is pretty accurate for [stats],” Amelia said.

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She also highlighted the fact some Hololive talents like Usada Pekora have already streamed on Twitch, specifically to do watch parties with fans.

“Some JP talents already streamed on Twitch but it’s mostly watchalongs because they have the Prime watchalong feature which automatically syncs it up or something,” she continued.

Fans were supportive of the idea, saying they’d love to react to content and watch some shows with her. However, she didn’t give a definitive answer to a swap in the near future.

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Amelia’s comments echo those of fellow Hololive EN star Gawr Gura, who explained that she might dabble in some watchalongs in 2022 even if Twitch is a “whole different atmosphere for streaming”.

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“There’s a lot of lingo that I don’t know about. They have their own words and phrases and stuff I don’t know. I know some of the words make it over here, but I feel like Twitch chat is less conversation and more massive walls of emotes,” Gura said.

“I’m not going to say it’s good or bad ⁠— it’s just scary.”

There are currently no plans for any of the Hololive EN talents to stream on Twitch, but as the discourse continues and fan appeal grows, it could just be a matter of time.

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