Hololive’s first VTuber Tokino Sora finally breaks big YouTube milestone

Tokino Sora on 1 million youtube subscriber streamYouTube: Tokino Sora

After five years, Hololive’s first VTuber Tokino Sora has finally crested the big YouTube milestone of 1 million subscribers. While others in the agency might have outgrown her, Sora’s hard work has paved the way for VTubing as we know it today.

Back in 2017, Tokino Sora took the plunge to help create Hololive and build on the VTubing trend started by Kizuna AI just the year previous.

Since then, Hololive has become the preeminent name in VTubing, and a household name in the internet diaspora. She laid the foundation, grinding for years thanklessly to build the brand and watching stars debut in her wake and leave a trail in their path.

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Now though she’s up there with them, finally reaching 1 million YouTube subscribers five years on. Tokino Sora passed the milestone on July 27, and was left in tears on stream recounting her journey here.

“Five years ago, I wondered if I could ever reach 1 million subscribers,” she said in her celebration stream according to a translation. “There’s a lot of things that have happened. From when I was doing my best all alone, now the number of friends [doing it alongside me] has increased. Still wherever I go I’m always told ‘who is she?’.

“1 million subscribers is something you can’t achieve so easily. It takes time to be fully accepted by everyone. I also met a bunch of new friends along the way.”

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Tokino Sora had it hard compared to most other VTubers. She was there in the dark ages, trying to pave the way while still making a living. There were times where she thought about quitting, but seeing the amount of support and growth kept her going.

All that toil was worth it for this one moment.

“Whenever I read the many comments, I always feel glad I didn’t quit. To keep going forward is not really that easy in the end. There are lots of various paths, but I’m glad everyone still comes here to watch me,” she said.

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“The thing that made it feel like a treasure, more valuable than anything, is because whatever happens, everyone is always here to support me.

“Five years seems to be very short, but it’s a long time right? It feels like I’m still working without a sense of reality. My motivation that keeps me going is because everyone enjoys watching me.”

She’s been there for the numerous debuts of Hololive talent under her ⁠— and also the graduation of names like Kiryu Coco, Uruha Rushia, and Tsukumo Sana. People have fleeted in and out of the VTubing community, but every one is important to Sora.

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“There are beginnings and there are farewells. Each one made me grow. Every single one of them was important,” she said.

“There are a lot of things that made me feel frustrated back then that have since become a positive for me because now I’m seeing such a wonderful world. As the song lyrics say, ‘I’m really glad that I walked with everyone’.”

Tokino Sora HololiveHololive
Tokino Sora paved the way for Hololive, toiling away for five years to finally reach 1 million on YouTube.

Tokino Sora might have just created the big hump on YouTube, but she doesn’t plan on stopping there. She wants to keep VTubing for the years to come, and continue leading the industry along the path she paved.

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“No matter how far I go, everything I do ⁠— I can’t make it perfect, but I want to still give it my best. For now and the next 5 years I want to stay here and continue on, so I would be happy that you continue to watch and support me.”