Hololive Council reflect on Tsukumo Sana’s impact in first anniversary celebration

Tsukumo Sana in Hololive Council Rise music videoHololive

While the Speaker of Space may have graduated, Tsukumo Sana’s impact on Hololive Council cannot be understated. The quartet reminisced on the star’s place in their hearts as part of their first-anniversary celebration with many dedications to her.

Hololive Council’s first anniversary has been and gone. However, there was a noticeable void during the celebrations ⁠— a universe-sized one.

Tsukumo Sana’s surprise graduation in July 2022 blindsided the VTuber community, with the Speaker of Space pulling the plug just shy of her first anniversary with Hololive. 

It had a devastating impact on the Council family, who have reminisced dearly about their gen mate in the weeks since. However, after giving her a massive sendoff as a quintet before her full departure, her spirit still lived on as part of the proper anniversary stream.

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The group shared their first impressions of Sana while chilling in a hot tub together: “I’ve said this many times on stream but my first impression of Sana was that she was Chaos,” Nanashi Mumei said.

It was the smaller memories that really touched the hearts of fans though, as well as Council members themselves.

“I remember there was one night when I was in VC [voice chat] with Sana and she was streaming her preparing her debut slides. I was watching her draw and it was so nice,” Hakos Baelz said.

“I remember she was drawing me and stole my bangs and drew a tic-tac-toe board on my forehead,” Ceres Fauna laughed. “So in our official debut artwork, if you lift up my bangs you’ll see a tattoo of a tic-tac-toe board.”

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The group didn’t just talk about Sana though. They had a touching tribute to her too, singing her solo song Astrogirl as a quartet to cap off the anniversary stream.

“Council will always be five people,” Bae said. “Sana, if you’re watching, we love you ⁠— and congrats on one year. We didn’t tell her we were doing this!”

Tsukumo Sana also played a big part behind the scenes in preparing Hololive Council’s anniversary stream too. She designed the plushie merchandise that’s up for grabs, as well as participated in the group’s first song, Rise, which went live also on August 22.

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Despite the fact she’s gone, Sana will live on in the hearts and minds of Council forever.