Hololive Council stars want to give Tsukumo Sana great sendoff ahead of graduation

hololive councilYouTube: Hololive

News of Tsukumo Sana’s graduation has devastated her fellow Hololive Council genmates. However, instead of dwelling on it, they want to give the Speaker of Space a great sendoff in her final few weeks with positive vibes only.

Just weeks ahead of Hololive Council’s one-year anniversary, member Tsukumo Sana announced her surprise graduation. The Speaker of Space is set to wrap up her VTuber activities on July 31, announcing so in a tearful stream on July 11.

The news, obviously, sent shockwaves throughout the VTuber community. However, they were felt the hardest by Sana’s genmates on Council. 

While there’s still three more weeks until the big day ⁠— and they also had some forewarning compared to the general public ⁠— the other four members want to give Sana the best sendoff possible with plenty of collabs and fun memories to be made. 

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All of Sana’s genmates have publicly acknowledged her departure either on Twitter ⁠with an air of melancholy.

Fellow Australian Council member Hakos Baelz said Sana was “one of a kind” and she “will always be supporting you and will always love you.” The sentiment was echoed by Nanashi Mumei and Ceres Fauna, who tweeted out love hearts in the colors of the Council members.

Tsukumo Sana Hololive VTuberYouTube: Tsukumo Sana
Tsukumo Sana is graduating from Hololive on July 31, but with the three-week lead-up her Council genmates want to make plenty of fond memories.

While Ouro Kronii canceled her planned stream because she didn’t “want [her] mood to rub off on others”, Mumei pushed forward with her stream just two hours after Sana’s.

“It’s a bit of a hard day for a lot of people,” Mumei opened up her broadcast with. “I love Sana. I just want the absolute best for her. I want her to be happy ⁠— I think all of us really want that. I also really want to have a fun time while she’s still here.

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“We have her for a few more weeks, and I want to make the absolute best of that time with her and I know that’s what she wants so when she eventually graduates we have even more amazing memories. We already have a lot, but even more. I would like to stay positive and make the best of everything and be happy with her.”

Other Hololive stars and VTubers have also acknowledged Sana’s efforts and want to make sure she is remembered fondly.

“What a bright and beautiful star Sana is, has been and always will be no matter where she goes,” Mori Calliope said on Twitter. “We love you forever no matter what!”

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“Such a huge space will be left, let’s fill it up with love for Sana and everyone while we can,” Watson Amelia added.

And while Sana did state in her graduation announcement she would be leaving behind her friends in Hololive, Takanashi Kiara and others are not going to forget her: “Sana said she’s giving up her friends in Holo but we will always be friends even after!”

Tsukumo Sana’s graduation stream is penned in for July 31, with plenty of collabs planned in the three-week interim before she leaves the agency. Whether this includes an early anniversary stream remains to be seen, but it has been teased.

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