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How to watch Holofes 2022: Link Your Wish concert details, streams

Published: 20/Mar/2022 5:30 Updated: 20/Mar/2022 2:41

by Andrew Amos


It’s the biggest weekend on the calendar for Hololive as their annual SUPER EXPO is here for 2022. Here’s how you can “Link Your Wish” with your favorite VTubers with the third Holofes concert.

Holofes is here for 2022, with VTuber giant Hololive taking over the Makuhari Messe Event Hall on March 19 and 20 for two days of concerts and events featuring the star talents.

The event is split into two: the in-person SUPER EXPO 2022 with fans flocking through the doors in Japan, and the virtual Link Your Wish concert that can be caught all across the globe. This will include the highly-anticipated debut of Hololive EN’s 3D outfits in concert.


If you want to catch all the action, here’s what you need to know about Holofes 2022 and SUPER EXPO.

Hololive talents at SUPER EXPO 2022
Hololive SUPER EXPO and Holofes are the biggest events on the VTuber calendar.

When does Holofes 2022 start?

There’s two separate starting times for Holofes 2022 and the SUPER EXPO.

SUPER EXPO 2022 opens its doors at 10am JST on both March 19 and 20, which is 6pm PT / 9pm ET / 1am GMT. This will include a number of panels with the Hololive stars.

Holofes, the concert portion of the event, will start at 4pm JST on both days, which is 12am PT / 3am ET / 7am GMT. If you want to catch the debut performances of Hololive English and Indonesia in concert, this is what you need to watch.


Holofes 2022 streams

There will be a limited free stream for Holofes 2022, with viewers being able to catch part of the Link Your Wish concert on YouTube. We have embedded both days below.

Day 1

Day 2

However, the full affair will be gated behind tickets. A single day pass will cost you ¥5,500 ($46 USD), while access for the whole weekend will cost ¥10,000 ($84 USD). It will be streamed on both Niconico and SPWN, so you can choose your preferred platform to watch when buying tickets.

The tickets will also give you access to archived streams and performances until the end of April 2022, so if you miss a show the first time around, you can rewatch it.


If you just want to see new content with the VTubers and not the concert, panels at the Hololive SUPER EXPO 2022 will be shown for free on the company’s YouTube channel. We have embedded the two daily streams below for your convenience.

Day 1

Day 2

Which Hololive stars are performing at Holofes 2022?

38 Hololive stars will be performing in the third Holofes, named Link Your Wish. Originally, 39 talents were expected to take part, but Uruha Rushia’s dismissal in February 2022 scratched her from the list.

Day 1 included a number of group performances from the experienced, early generations of Hololive. Marine took the stage with Fubuki in one of the more hyped performances of the night, but it was Moona Hoshinova — the sole Indonesian member — who stole the show with her single High Tide.


English talents Gawr Gura (REFLECT), Ninomae Ina’nis (VIOLET), and Amelia Watson (Fushigi Purupuru Pururin Rin!) also made their debuts before the concert ended with a group performance of Prism Melody.

Day 2 will include the debuts of Mori Calliope and Takanashi Kiara alongside ID’s Ayunda Risu and Airani Iofifteen.

None of the 2nd generation English and Indonesian talents will perform, but they’ll make appearances on panels during SUPER EXPO.

It’s expected they’ll perform some of their original songs, as well as potentially collaborating with the Japanese Hololive talents. Mori Calliope might even break out some new tunes from her upcoming debut album, UnAlive, which launches on March 21.


You can find the full list of Hololive stars performing at Holofes 2022 below:

Day 1 Day 2
AZKi Robocosan
Sakura Miko Tokino Sora
Hoshimachi Suisei Yozora Mel
Akai Haato Aki Rosenthal
Shirakami Fubuki Ookami Mio
Natsuiro Matsuri Nakiri Ayame
Oozora Subaru Yuzuki Choco
Inugami Korone Minato Aqua
Houshou Marine Murasaki Shion
Shirogane Noel Nekomata Okayu
Amane Kanata Shiranui Flare
Tokoyami Towa Usada Pekora
Himemori Luna Shishiro Botan
Omaru Polka Tsunomaki Watame
Momosuzu Nene Yukihana Lamy
Gawr Gura Takanashi Kiara
Ninomae Ina’nis Mori Calliope
Amelia Watson Ayunda Risu
Moona Hoshinova Airani Iofifteen