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Entertainment • Jul 22, 2019

Hilarious summit1g stream sniper finds brilliant method of dodging bullets in PUBG

Hilarious summit1g stream sniper finds brilliant method of dodging bullets in PUBG
ShortyAwards / PUBG

Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd 'summit1g' Lazar couldn't believe what he was seeing when a stream sniper decided to start chasing him underwater as the circle was closing in on the pair of them in PUBG


High profile streamers who choose to broadcast live for their audience are always prime targets for people trying to catch them out in-game, with the chance of appearing on their broadcast.

While some of these interferences can ruin the experience of the broadcaster, summit1g appeared to enjoy his altercation with a stream sniper during his July 19 stream, as they dived in the water after him even though they were trapped in the circle. 

PUBG Screengrab
Swimming in the water isn't always the safest way to get around in PUBG.


The former CS:GO player kicked into gear and started to swim away from the enemy. With the circle cutting deep into his HP bar, he said: "We're fucking dead. What the fuck is this guy thinking?" before reaching land first. After aiming back into the water for a few moments, he couldn't see a thing. 

Then, the stream sniper emerged from the water and sat in open sight, just on top of a rock. Summit couldn't help but laugh after seemingly having a clear shot on his opponent, shooting his M24 in their direction a few times, but seeing that they had started to shift from left to right with a hilarious neck swinging motion. 

Is this the perfect bullet dodging tactic in PUBG? 


Well, let's not get too carried away. It wasn't long before summit1g caught the hilarious player with a shot, but it's fair to say that they didn't go down without a few decent dodges. It took the streamer four shots to take them down, with only the final one landing. 

While this tactic of dodging bullets might have been effective more than once, it was pretty clear that the other player was there for the laughs, rather than there for the kills. 


If they were actually trying to win the game, there's a chance that they could have caught summit1g out - all things considered. 

Instead, it turned out that it was just another one of them pesky stream snipers. 

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