Hilarious Parody Video Proves that Thorin Would Make an Awful Amazon Echo Assistant

Ross Deason

A YouTuber has put together a hilarious video using the Amazon Echo advert with a twist as all of the responses have been replaced with Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields quotes.

Thorin is one of the longest serving members of the esports community, a veteran of esports journalism, a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive analyst and broadcaster, and a YouTuber.

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He is not afraid of being outspoken or offending people and often delivers his content in a funny, and sometimes controversial, manner that has seen him become one of the most recognizable faces in the scene.

This means that the “Esports Historian” has produced some brilliant sound bites over the years and now one YouTuber, named Hawka, has pulled a few of the best ones together to create a hilarious Amazon Echo advert.

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The Amazon Echo advert shows a family using the popular smart speaker device, which features the Alexa assistant service, but it turns out that it wouldn’t be anywhere near as helpful if Thorin was  the person behind the speaker!

Throughout the video the family asks Alexa various questions, but Thorin responds in typical Thorin fashion. Perhaps the funniest moment comes when the daughter says “Dad’s not a morning person but Echo definitely helps him wake up”, which is followed by this piece of pure gold:

“You are a fucking Gold Nova scrub who has never wanted to be more than that, never put in any effort to be more than that, will never have the drive to do what it takes to do more than that”

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The video also includes a brilliant rant about people discussing a porn website, YouPorn, being a controversial sponsor for teams or events, Thorin singing a song that we aren’t sure will ever make it into the charts, and even a rather catchy rap.

You can watch the full video in all of its glory below.