Hater confronts Logan Paul for fight in Vegas after night of “drinking & partying”

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Whether in or out of the boxing ring, YouTube sensation Logan Paul is used to settling disputes. On July 12, a “psychopathic” hater confronted him over a case of mistaken identity. He spoke about his recent “tussle” on the July 13 episode of ‘Impaulsive.’

Logan (and brother Jake Paul) made headlines July 8 as millionaire fighter Conor McGregor entertained the idea of taking the pair on. The ‘Impaulsive’ host then found himself back in the news facing questions over his cryptocurrency motives.

In an ‘Impaulsive’ episode centered around Conor McGregor’s clap-back, co-host Mike Majlak questioned Logan about a recent confrontation with a hater.

“I saw you get pressed by someone on the internet,” he commented. Logan didn’t discuss whether the challenger was an actual hater or not. “Who the f**k was that guy?” Mike continued to ask.

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One hater made Logan “draw the line”

Logan insisted the scuffle was all in good fun. “I was the perfect level of tipsy,” he said. “Having fun… making a b-line for (Chinese restaurant) Hakkasan.” Having achieved a new level of fame from his boxing career, he stated he became used to “chirps” on the street. “I get it,” he laughed.

While he became used to haters challenging him away from the ring, one person made him “draw the line.”

“This one guy screams at the top of his lungs,” he recalled. “Hey, f**k Jake Paul! So I really had no dog in this fight.”

Logan Paul YouTuber boxingLogan is used to scuffles both in and out of the ring

Logan wanted a “tussle” from his challenger

The YouTuber claimed he responded out of “boredom” to the Jake Paul hater. “I turn around,” he said. “He’d obviously also been drinking… and I respected it.”

All three ‘Impaulsive’ hosts then watched a video of the scuffle. As the hater is getting in Logan’s face, the star claims he was “ready.” When pressed on why he didn’t take the confrontation further, Logan stated he’d “never swing first.”

The YouTuber admitted his respect for the hater, complimenting how he “held his ground.” He then went on to say that physical altercations are “a rare circumstance.”

The challenger hasn’t yet been identified. Whether he intended to confront the correct Paul brother also remains to be seen.