Hasim Rahman Jr. signs with KSI’s Misfits Boxing after canceled Jake Paul bout

Hasim Rahman Jr. signs to ksi's misfits boxingInstagram: hasimrahmanjr

Hasim Rahman Jr. is making big moves in the influencer boxing space, signing with YouTuber KSI’s Misfits Boxing promotional company in the aftermath of his canceled bout against Jake Paul.

Prominent YouTube boxer Jake Paul was initially slated to fight against British boxer and reality TV star Tommy Fury on August 6 — but travel issues prevented his rival from jetting across the pond.

Thus, Paul was forced to pick a replacement, and settled on Hasim Rahman Jr., a pro boxer that many fans felt could give Jake a run for his money.

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Unfortunately, this match also ran into trouble; Hasim reportedly would not make weight for the match in time, causing the entire event (which had rented out Madison Square Garden) to get canned.

This prompted some heated back-and-forths between Paul and Rahman Jr., with Paul slamming his opponent for being “unprofessional” and too “scared” to fight.

Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman JRYouTube/ SHOWTIME Sports
Jake Paul had a few harsh words for Hasim Rahman Jr.

Luckily, Jake was able to find a bigger and better rival in MMA legend Anderson Silva… but Rahman Jr. also has a few tricks up his boxing gloves, as well.

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Hasim Rahman Jr. celebrates signing to KSI’s Misfits Boxing

On September 12, the pro boxer revealed he’d signed to KSI’s boxing company, Misfits Boxing, shouting out KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, in a tweet.

“This year been a roller coaster, extremely blessed to be aboard and have such an amazing opportunity!” he wrote. “Thank you @MamsTaylor, let’s shake up the WORLD!!!”

This marks a major turn in KSI’s ongoing feud with Jake Paul, with both creators appearing to agree to a fight in 2023. By signing one of Jake’s failed opponents, this is just another feather in the Brit’s cap as negotiations continue between the two influencers.

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For now, Jake is fully focused on his upcoming fight against ‘The Spider’ on October 29…but fans are paying close attention to this latest move from KSI as they eagerly await one of the most prolific influencer grudge matches of all time.

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