Hasbro unveils first-ever NERF mascot and fans aren’t sure how to feel

. 18 days ago
NERF / Unsplash.com: Kolby Milton

NERF finally has a mascot… but the internet isn’t really sure how to feel about it, leading to some hilarious reactions and memes online in response to its unusual design.

NERF is a timeless brand. Known for its toy dart blasters, water blasters, and even Minecraft-themed crossbows, it’s a multigenerational toy company that’s provided entertainment for players big and small.

However, throughout its entire existence, NERF hasn’t ever had a mascot. Sure, the catchphrase “It’s NERF or nothin'” is pretty cool, but the sheer array of products it has on offer sort of eclipses the need for a primary character representative.

That is, until now. Hasbro has just unleashed NERF’s first-ever mascot — and he’s not what you might expect.

Murph the terrifying new nerf mascot is confusing twitter users copy
Murph is… unique.

The mascot’s name is ‘Murph,’ and he has his very own catchphrase: “Unleash the play in you.”

It looks like Murph is an amorphous humanoid being completely made out of NERF darts, and folks on Twitter aren’t sure how to feel about him — even going so far as to call him “terrifying.”

Alex Zalben, managing editor at Decider, had a pretty hilarious caption for one of the images of Murph circling online: “No, no, Murph is not hunting you for sport and your delicious human meat, he is merely trying to unleash the play in you.”

Another user had a hilarious edit of Murph as the Scarlet Witch as seen in ‘Infinity War,’ and we have to admit that it’s a pretty fitting photoshop job.

Still others are left with some burning questions, such as this Twitter user who can’t seem to figure out if Murph’s darts grow like hair, or if they’re shorn like wool:

Whatever the case may be, it looks like Murph is here to stay… whether we’re off-put by him or not. After all, he can’t help it. He’s just covered in NERF darts.

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