Hasan’s uncle Cenk Uygur wants to fight Joe Rogan for mere $1,000 donation

. 9 months ago
Joe Rogan fight Cenk Uygur

The uncle of popular Twitch streamer Hasan, Cenk Uygur, has thrown down the gauntlet and wants to fight legendary podcast host Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan has come under fire recently thanks to his controversial positions on global health issues and The Young Turks host was just one of many people to call him out.

Uygur’s criticism of Rogan landed him in hot water with fans of the JRE podcast, but he didn’t back down, taking to Twitter to have at them.

“To all the loser Joe Rogan fans crying over my attack on his ‘freedom’ hypocrisy and stupidity, are you guys part of the crew or do you kiss his ass for fun?” he rhetorically asked. “I thought he was a big boy who could handle himself. If he doesn’t like my free speech, he can grow a pair and defend himself.”

This prompted a fan to challenge Cenk to make his comments to Rogan’s face with the caveat that if he did, the fan would donate $1,000 to his network or charity of his choice.

“Deal. Easiest $1,000 I ever made,” Cenk blasted back. “You think he’s going to assault me? Sure, whatever. That’s incredibly dumb. But also wouldn’t work. I’m much larger than Joe and I’ve fought my whole life. I’d end him. But grownups don’t do that.”

The challenge soon went viral with many fans commenting on how they’d go as far as pay to see the fight between the two internet stars.

Battle lines had been drawn and a debate between fans of The Young Turks and Joe Rogan commenced, turning into the equivalent of a “my dad can beat up your dad” spectacle.

Despite Uygur coming across as confident, the overwhelming majority of comments cited Rogan’s martial arts skills as enough of a reason he’d lose in a head-to-head fight.

“Joe Rogan would demolish you. He would roll through you like a bulldozer going through paper. Your size literally means nothing when there is such a huge disparity in skill and strength,” a fan remarked.

Others proposed interesting formats to keep the theme in line with podcasts: “I’d donate $100 to see an organized debate/fight. First you debate one point. Then a round in the ring. Then another debate point. Then another round in the ring,” another suggested.

Fellow podcaster Tim Pool even went as far as to suggest that in addition to Cenk fighting Rogan, his nephew Hasan take on Logan Paul.

So far, Rogan hasn’t responded to the challenge, but it would be a must-see spectacle if he agrees and the two end up actually duking it out.

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