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Entertainment • Sep 24, 2019

Hasanpiker stunned as Mia Malkova agrees to TwitchCon date

Hasanpiker stunned as Mia Malkova agrees to TwitchCon date
L: HasanAbi (Twitch)/R: Mia Malkova (Instagram)

The latest episode of ‘The Rajjchelor’ hosted by Rajj Patel welcomed back Hasan ‘Hasanpiker’ Abi, where he won a date with Mia Malkova at TwitchCon 2019. His stunned reaction showed that the outcome was not quite what he expected.


Patel has hosted and streamed numerous dating shows, with his spin off on the popular US TV show The Bachelor (aptly named ‘The Rajjchelor’) gaining some traction on his Twitch channel.

Rajj’s take on the show makes use of a similar format, whereby a bachelor (in this case Hasan Abi) chats with a selection of female Twitch streamers and asks some intriguing questions in a bid to get to know them more. While Hasan whittled it down, he had to continuously eliminate a streamer based on whether or not he thought they chose to ‘host’ or to love. 

Of course, the bachelor had to mutually choose love with his ideal partner to win the date. In this case, the date is scheduled to take place at this year’s TwitchCon.

RajjPatel (Twitch)
Hasan had to filter through 10 girls on the Rajjchelor.


As Hasan sieved through the 10 girls, it all boiled down to the final two: QUINCY_UK and Mia Malkova. 

The bachelor chose to eliminate Quincy, who had expressed interest in the Abi throughout. The Irish-born Trapeze artist sighed: “Of course!” in disappointment, while gracefully clapping at Malkova’s success.


Although, nothing was set in stone just yet, as the adult film star needed to mutually choose love over host in order to solidify the date with Hasan. 

Before the outcome was revealed, Quincy revealed that her intentions were not to pursue romance by exclaiming: “Fuck. Isn’t it obvious that I want to fuck your brains out?! Jesus Christ!”  in a comedic contrast to the original show, as she revealed she had no intentions to pursue the host and just wanted to attend the date. 


Now that the moment of truth finally arrived, Hasan was eager to find out whether Malkova had chosen love over host. Typically, Patel left him pent up and on the edge of his seat. 

Indeed, Mia shared the bachelor’s ambition for love, claiming that she thought he was “hot” — and as expected, Abi was amazed, expressing his shock he said: "That was a fucking insane plot twist… Holy shit, dude!”


Scheduled to be streamed live from TwitchCon, the details of the date are yet to be confirmed by Rajj or either party involved. Let’s hope that Abi’s bemusement dwindles in time for his meetup with the adult film star. 

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