Hasan blown away by Casually Explained’s perfect prediction in latest YouTube upload

Dylan Horetski. Last updated: Sep 27, 2021
hasanabi with casually explained
Twitch, Hasanabi / YouTube, Casually Explained

YouTuber Casually Explained uploaded a video calling out Twitch streamers, including Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker, for a variety of reasons. When Piker found out he was mentioned, he didn’t expect the YouTuber to predict him so perfectly. 

With over three and a half million subs on YouTube, Casually Explained provides short, quickly drawn videos answering commonly asked questions that receive millions of views.

In his September 26 “Twitch streamers” upload, the YouTuber mentioned HasanAbi and perfectly predicted that the Twitch streamer will watch the video on stream and pause it to address something with his viewers.

Hasan reacts to Casually Explained’s prediction

Shortly after CE uploaded his video and noticing its title, Piker took to YouTube and watched it live on stream. In the video, Casually Explained talks about how viewers create parasocial relationships with their favorite streamers, with a lot of them being female.

Using the example of someone trying to justify subbing to a popular female streamer, the YouTuber proceeded to say: “Yeah okay buddy, and I’m a tier 3 sub to Hasan for his political views,” and then stopped for a few seconds.

“I’m sorry, what? You son of a b****,” Piker replied after pausing the video before quickly playing the video again and being met with Casually Explained saying: “Thanks for unpausing the video, Hasan,” making the streamer start to laugh

However, that’s not the first interaction between Casually Explained and HasanAbi. In another clip, Piker explains that in roughly 2016, he approached the YouTuber to ask if he would be willing to do some political videos together in which he was met with a resounding denial.

After he realized that the YouTuber was in his chat the whole time, Hasan proceeded to open his profile to show whether or not CE has said anything in his chat before he realized that the YouTuber is indeed a tier-3 sub to his channel.

Whether it’s for Piker’s political views or an attempt to troll the streamer is left unknown.