Hasan takes inspiration from MrBeast by paying adoption fees for all dogs in LA shelters

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Content creator Hasan has begun traveling to multiple dog shelters in his area, with the streamer promising to pay for the adoption fees of all the puppies in each shelter he visits, much like MrBeast did a few years prior in a viral YouTube video.

It’s no secret that content creator Hasan loves dogs. However, the streamer has now taken his appreciation of man’s best friend to a whole new level. In a new endeavor on stream, Hasan has begun going around to dog shelters in LA and offering to pay the adoption fee for all of the dogs found in the shelter. 

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Doing so means that anyone who wishes to adopt one of the puppies will not have to pay the fee which can sometimes be hundreds of dollars.

“While I cannot adopt all of these puppies, I wanted to at the very least pay to the adoption fee of every single puppy in this facility and I’m going to do that in all of the other placed we go to as well, hopefully, if they let us.” 

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Hasan promises to adopt every dog from each shelter he goes to

Hasan then confirmed with the dog shelter workers, “Well, I still want to pay for the adoption fees for all the puppies you have here today so if someone wants to come in and get a dog they can. All of the dogs, all of them.”

After doing so Hasan revealed that he had paid the fee for each dog in the shelter and that the total cost ended up being thousands of dollars.

“This facility was a $500 per dog adoption fee so if you come here and you don’t have $500 and you want to adopt a dog and you’re eligible and you fill out a form you come and adopt it and it’ll be for free for you hopefully…We paid for all the dogs in here which totaled to $15,000.”

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This act of kindness from Hasan is similar to something MrBeast did back in 2020 wherein the content creator chose to adopt and pay for all the dogs from a specific shelter and made sure that they all went to a good home. This video has now been viewed over 170 million times on YouTube.

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